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Mindsets: Why they do and don’t work…

MINDSETS AND AFFIRMATION: MYTH OR FACT?   MINDSET: This is about magic, like an incantation. It is about creating incredible transformations with a word or phrase or set of thoughts. Remember “Abracadabra”? And “Open sesame!” It is about that eternal question, “How much power can thoughts and words have?” This

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Should I tell the truth to my friends?

Should you tell the truth to a friend? 1 Big Issue!

SHOULD YOU TELL THE TRUTH ALWAYS ? by Dr. DJ   You ask 10 people what a “friend” is and you will get 10 different answers, but one theme that shows up a LOT is something like, ‘someone I can be myself with” or “someone I can be honest with”

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Dynamite relationship on the beach


12 Tips to Having a Dynamite Relationship OR 12 secrets to overlook if you want a typically average relationship   With Dr. DJ and Maud Purcell   Couples can be 20, 45 or 75, and come in all colors, shapes, sizes and income brackets. It doesn’t really matter how long

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