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All profits from DoctorZest products go to charity. Those include, among others, ASPCA, Homes for Pets, NPR, PBS, Unicef, Food Pantry, OCAT, Salvation Army, NAREN, and Heifer International.

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All DZ recommended products are of the highest quality, and are fully guaranteed. Nothing is placed in the shop without first using it ourselves and holding it in higher regard than any comparable products. The CBDPure oil, for example, saved Dr. DJ from a hip replacement surgery. After two days of taking the CBD oil all the pain that had dominated his life for over a year, was gone…and months later…still is. Surgery cancelled!

DoctorZest apparel has 3 purposes:          1) Look cool; and, 2) Provide highest quality; and, 3) Raise money for our many charities.

Brand new leggings in 3 colors! See if these do not get you a glance or three!

This book is high-powered information that truly changes lives. Nothing like it anywhere.


Everyone dies early…due to unresolved stress. Learn how to live longer, laugh more, and be healthier – before you can't!

You Will Ever Need
Just 5 minutes a day!
by Dr. DJ

Regular fit, white drawcords, kangaroo pocket, unisex.  3 Color Options.

Women's T – 2 color options

Beach Towel

7 Color Options

Fleece Blanket

7 Color Options

Available in 6 colors