Social Relationships

MINDSETS AND AFFIRMATION: MYTH OR FACT?   MINDSET: This is about magic, like an incantation. It is about creating incredible transformations with a word or phrase or set of thoughts. Remember “Abracadabra”? And “Open sesame!” It is about that eternal question, “How much power can thoughts and words have?” This

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Intimate Relationships

Stay or Go? The Hardest Decision: Separation   And the 6 Questions that test the assumption that you should “Stick it out no matter what!”   This hits upon one of the toughest questions we all face in a marriage…and, for most of us, it IS going to be a

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Work Relationships

The Problem Employee and What to Do!   Every organization has a problem employee and sometimes a lot more than one, right? I think I was one. I can attest that I honestly did not know I was. It was the only time I was fired in my life. I

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Family Relationships

It is a great day here in USA! It's Thanksgiving Day!   What I love about Thanksgiving is that families traditionally get together, and not only eat together, but have fun as one united group – a lot of laughter, camaraderie, and catching up on what everyone is doing. Millions

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Families should be nurturing nests, not torture chambers.

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