Social Relationships

SHOULD YOU TELL THE TRUTH ALWAYS ? by Dr. DJ   You ask 10 people what a “friend” is and you will get 10 different answers, but one theme that shows up a LOT is something like, ‘someone I can be myself with” or “someone I can be honest with”

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Intimate Relationships

Having a Dynamite Intimate Relationship – Secret #4 Do You Always Have to Be Right? You know what screws up relationships quite often, if not daily? Assumptions! Assumptions often are the invisible fly in the ointment of many relationships. In my psychotherapy practice, I had a “Pre-Marital Package” and one

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Work Relationships

The Problem Employee and What to Do!   Every organization has a problem employee and sometimes a lot more than one, right? I think I was one. I can attest that I honestly did not know I was. It was the only time I was fired in my life. I

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Family Relationships

HOW FUN TO HAVE A FUNCTIONAL FAMILY: 8 CHARACTERISTICS! “A family is an incubator. Question is: Is it incubating heaven or is it incubating hell?” -Anon.   It was in my therapy practice years ago when I realized that almost all angst starts in relationships. It is why this blog

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One definition of 'Happiness' is "Accepting what is so." - DZ

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