Social Relationships

MINDSETS AND AFFIRMATION: MYTH OR FACT?   MINDSET: This is about magic, like an incantation. It is about creating incredible transformations with a word or phrase or set of thoughts. Remember “Abracadabra”? And “Open sesame!” It is about that eternal question, “How much power can thoughts and words have?” This

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Intimate Relationships

Stay or Go? The Hardest Decision: Separation And the 6 Questions that test the assumption that you should “Stick it out no matter what!”   This hits upon one of the toughest questions we all face in a marriage…and, for most of us, it IS going to be a question raised at some point: Should I stay or should I go? How do you know

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Work Relationships

Pick One (1) Career New Year's Resolution for 2020 Just select one!   Here it is: New Year's Resolution Time (AGAIN!) What happened to that year? Boom! It's gone! Did you accomplish your last year's New Year's Resolution? You did? GREAT! You didn't? Why not? One reason people do not

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Family Relationships

Is Your Family Functional and Healthy? 8 Characteristics and a Road Map Back to Health!   In our last podcast and blog entry at DoctorZest.com, we discussed the differences between a functional (healthy) and a dysfunctional (unhealthy) family. I had found no studies that were specific enough to be of

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