Social Relationships

LIVING IN FEAR Handling fear is as easy as 1-2-3! Part III [All three parts are necessary to get the full scope, so please read Parts I and II first. Go to https://doctorzest.com/social-relationships/ for full list of topics.] “Previously, on Doctor Zest…” – A quick review of Parts I and

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Intimate Relationships

Stay or Go? The Hardest Decision: Separation And the 6 Questions that test the assumption that you should “Stick it out no matter what!”   This hits upon one of the toughest questions we all face in marriage or in a relationship we thought would last forever…and, for most of us, it IS going to be a question raised at some point along the way:

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Work Relationships

Secret 5 Keys to Genius Management of Employees   At the time I never realized what a significant impact my doctoral dissertation would have on my life down the years. Again and again, it provides insight into why organizations are so dysfunctional, and even painful, as places to work. I

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Family Relationships

SIBLING RIVALRY   I am a parent of two boys born two years apart. I intervened 75,046 times when they were little. Hopefully, “savagery” might be too strong a word, at least most of the time. But let's be ready for anything, right? My sons just had a falling out

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He has conducted workshops, trainings, spoken at many conferences around the country and as far away as Singapore and Moscow. “I have worked with Fortune 500 and 100 companies, as well as 1 on 1 clients. But, so what?” he says, “You know what counts? Relationships! I am fascinated with removing every damned obstacle that prevents people from a) Being healthy, b) Feeling good about themselves, and 3) Having lives of significance! There are NO good reasons why work places cannot be productive, profitable, AND its people enjoying their work environment all at the same time. And the same can be said about families. And couples. And friends. I am so fascinated with relationships that I have studied, researched, written and spoken hundreds of thousands words about them. I teach, train, speak and consult to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Misery IS optional!” He smiles, “Everyone has to be doing something, right? I teach how to get you or your company off the dime and make things happen. Simple as that.”  [Learn more about Doctor Zest!] Contact him below.

"Regarding taking precautions: It is best to be seen as silly, rather than being seen as dead."  - DZ

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