Tell the truth? Let's get down to it… Everyone seems to have a “magic solution” to every problem, right?  I especially like the commercials between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM. “Solve those yucky bowel problems!” “Have gorgeous skin (despite that awful condition you have)!” “Diabetes? No problem!” “Investments gone South? No problem there either!” Whatever ails you, you just have to buy ______ and all will be well forevermore. Right! Well, ask yourself, “With all these magical solutions around (“for only $39.95 and you can get two for the price of one, if you order today!”) why isn't everyone happy, wealthy and healthy all the time? Because, change does not start with a pill, a salve, or even a book. No, it starts with loaded right thinking. Contemplate this: Before you do anything you have a thought to do it. For example, if you say to yourself, “I am thirsty so I am going to have a glass of water,” you don't start painting the garage, right? No, of course not, you head to the fridge for some ice water. If you say to yourself, “I am out of milk and eggs. I think will go buy some shoes!” No, of course not, you drive to the grocery store. Point made. But carry it one step farther. If your actions are preceded by a thought, why can't you change your actions by changing the preceding thoughts? Well, you can! But how much training have you had in how to do this? It is a science, as well as a tool you can learn to use. The sad thing is that no one sat down and taught you the ONE THING every child should be trained to do…HOW to use Thought Power! Check mylenders. We are raised up, instead, to see the forest, not the trees. This ignorance is passed down from generation to generation. We were all taught to focus “out there” – on other people, on money, on the weather, on entertainment, on doctors, on mental health professionals, on manipulating the world to give us what we want, need, desire. Got to go out there and get it! Fight for it! Claw your way to the top! Worry more. Work harder! Whine a bit (or a lot, meaning self-pity). Get yours before someone else gets it! Survival of the fittest, that's the ticket! No…no, it is not the ticket. But, unfortunately we were so focused on all that hype, that the true power of your mind never developed. You became codependent, dependent…anything but truly independent. And that can set you up to live your life – well – desperately. A desperate, fearful human being. fear and anxiety Are you tired of being desperate? Anxious? Worried over how you are going to keep the “flow of essentials” coming your way? It will wear you out! Why? Because it never ends! It's a hamster wheel that never, ever ends. It is why we are so tired beneath it all. We have been clawing our way through life when it should be a pleasurable dance.


Primary Domino Thinking I began my search into the esoteric sciences in 1969. And I have tried them all, I assure you. But, when I finally saw the light I realized the answers had been in front of me my whole life.* You don't have to go to Nepal. Or to a shrine. Or to a monastery. Or to a self-actualization workshop. I have taken pieces from all the wisdom of the ages and formed them into one tight little formula that works. It MUST work, because it is the actual way any deliberate change happens in humanity. Yes, things happen to you…stock markets fall, hurricanes happen, and your kids bring the flu home from school, etc. But what about carving your own path through life? How about changing your health, wealth and happiness deliberately? The most effective way to bring about deliberate change is by changing your thinking. But few know how…very, very, very, very few. Be someone who can make what appears to be magic happen in your life. Order Primary Domino Thinking today. (Instant download once you pay.) Is this guaranteed? Well, YES! Of course! If you follow the formula and it doesn't deliver the change you want, your money back, no questions asked. Beat that deal! NOTE: You will need to spend 5 minutes a day every day doing what the PDT book tells you to do. If you are not willing to dedicate 5 minutes a day – 1/288th of a day – to having everything you want out of life, then, frankly, my friend, forget about it. You really don't want any change. I advise you to take up meditation and learn to “Accept what is so” instead. No, seriously, I am not being snide. The fastest way to happiness IS accepting what is so. But, oh, wait, you will have to spend a lot more than 5 minutes a day to get there…so…where does that leave you? *P.S. If you want proof that PDT works, ask for it at Anthony@DrD-J.com – you can use the life I have created for myself as a measure of how well PDT works. I use it daily. OF COURSE! victorisu Or listen to success stories, like Angela and others. Angela had wanted to lose weight and nothing had worked for years: “Using PDT, I lost 7 pounds this week! It encouraged me, and I will definitely be doing the steps again. I enjoyed the process. It is amazing how important it is to take ownership of your problem and see how making conscious decisions can change the outcome. It made me finally feel in control of my weight situation. I will apply primary domino thinking to other areas of my life, definitely!  I enjoyed the process.” -Angela W., Denver, CO My results have been great. I have been trying to kick junk food eating and going out for fast food for more than 10 years. Although only a little more than a week into the process, I haven’t had fast food at all. I have been eating more fruits and veggies. I no longer crave fast food for every meal. With the aid of Primary Domino Thinking I really am a new me. PDT allows me to be a healthy eater. It is a mind shift. The success will continue. I am confident the results will last!” – Peter R., Milwaukee, WI. “I am amazed and not  just because Primary Domino Thinking is the way everything changes, only MUCH faster and more dramatically…for instance, I am already an excellent golfer and using PDT I lowered my golf handicap by 5 strokes.  I didn't even think that was possible!” – Gary S., Fond du Lac, WI “I stopped smoking with PDT – for good!” Ron L. (Ron is my accountant – but do you think he cut my rates? 😉 “It is about deliberately changing your life, but not the usual way with teeth-clenched and stress and strain. Once you understand how it works, PDT takes only 5 minutes a day to create that change…usually in a way you never thought of! You just ‘plant' the exact right thought and leave it alone…just go about your business! And that change happens! Hey, I am a science major. I was skeptical as hell. Certainly, I didn't believe in any of that old new age hooey about positive thinking and sitting like a lotus and fully expected this to be like that. This is a specific, exact tool that like a good sharp chisel, carves out of life what you want. Awesome process!” Tim D., Urbana, IL. ORDER Primary Domino Thinking – The Manual TODAY!               Doctor Zest or Dr. DJ or Dr. Dallmann-Jones Q: Is this process called Primary Domino Thinking guaranteed? A: Again, you ask? Okay, listen: If you follow the directions in the PDT Manual for correctly using this amazing process for one week, and do not begin to see incredible results, I will gladly refund every cent…no questions asked. You know what else? After you purchase the Manual you will have my private contact information. If you have questions once you start reading and applying PDT I will provide you a free 15 minute personal guidance seminar to make sure you have all you need corrected. Of the thousands (and I mean thousands and thousands) of people who have used this process, very few need any help). But, if you do, I will provide it. I want you to succeed and not because of the book sales. I was born to help alleviate suffering (as well as to have a GREAT life!) and I want to see you have that breakthrough you have been looking for. You must be tired of waiting or struggling or both. Let's get you liberated and invigorated! ORDER Primary Domino Thinking – The Manual TODAY!