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                                    ON THE MANY FACETS OF IMMORTALISM – REINCARNATION 

                                                                             by guest author, I.C.

Reincarnation is impossible because if people are reborn, the population count would never

False. In other words, how can there be a population explosion? Love this one, because it provides the perfect scenario to explain once and for all that “consciousness” – which is what causes everything
– is not mathematical. Nor is it logical. Much less mathematically logical. The universe – you know, galaxies, planets, asteroids, etc. – is mathematical only because it is created that way, i.e., we conceptualize the universe in such a way as to permit mathematics to describe its actions. In other words, we gamed the Universe. We set it up so that things are logical mathematically. And whenever it doesn’t play ball, we call it an aberration or, “The exception that probes the rule.” [Did you know that the word in that saying was misspelled once, and it just took off as “proves” which makes no sense – UNLESS the rule is that there is always an exception.]

If I am reborn into a new body, it means I will be a baby.

False. True. Maybe. Look, “reincarnation” is not mathematically logical. Only the paradigm where things are set up to be mathematically logical are things mathematically logical. It would be like saying, “The world is football, therefore there can be no baseballs.” Is that true? Yes, in football there are no baseballs. Is it false? Yes, because all the world is NOT football. Some of the world is baseball. Oh, and in that world, there are no footballs. So, all the people that see the world as football will not accept baseballs because that is the game they construct and play in. Those who see the world as baseball, think footballs are illusions, fantasies, unrealistic, bullshit conceptions by whacked out weirdos and flakes. And guess what? The world of football and the world of baseball are BOTH logical despite looking illogical to one another.

And guess what else? Baseball World and Football World are only 2 of about 70 Kajillion games being played at the same time.


So, yes, you may be “reborn” as a baby…or as 97-year-old. But guess what else? You may never be reborn again also! (Or need to be.) If you can begin to wrap your head around this, you are getting a glimpse of the whole shebang through a knothole in your neighbor’s fence.

The message? Stop thinking logically on this topic. And start thinking bigger. MUCH bigger. How big? Anything and everything you can conceive of exists NOW. And that is one grain of sand on the universal beach.

Yet, YOU are extremely significant! Your job is to rise to your significance. Develop into the All YOU. The guiding light? The friendly flashlight on the path? The Golden Rule and DNBT (Do the Next Best Thing). That’s it. [You can just stop reading, and follow that, and be confident you need nothing more
to guide you. Ever.]

Don’t over think it. You can think yourself right into spiritual constipation…for no good reason. (Except to learn not to do that again 😉

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