The Last ‘Diet' Book You Will Ever Need

     “Revolutionary! 7 lbs in less that two weeks1” –  Samantha F. – 3rd grade teacher, Beloit, WI

This is literally the last diet book you will ever need!

How can I say that? 

Listen there are so many books out there on losing weight, but I discovered the roots of every single one and thought to myself* “Why not just undercut the whole weight loss nightmare with the truth about the basic ingredient in every single “diet plan” out there? 

This is what happens when you run into someone who has “lost” a bunch of lbs and looks great; “What ‘diet' were you on????” And, “What did you have to give up eating?” Why do we ask that?

Because we think, ‘If I do the same thing she does, I will also look fantastic!”

Not true. The real reason for so much Yo-Yo dieting is because of this very factor. We try to duplicate results for someone else by eating or not eating what they are eating or not eating. Right? IT SIMPLY DOES NOT WORK.

Read the book and see. I guarantee it. You read this book and do exactly as it says for 5 minutes a day and if you do not get to the weight you want, just write me and get your money back.


*Well, actually, the first thing I thought was, “Oh, No!” 

Because I do not enjoy writing books, despite having published over a dozen.

Just $19.47 

For the body you desire!…


You Will Ever Need

Just 5 minutes a day!
by Dr. DJ

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