Personal and Professional Transformation: Creating The Life You Want

If you like Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, or Anthony Robbins, you will absolutely love this book.    It is simply the best book on transforming the Self…and I have read most all of them!

                                                                                   –Jim Leonard, Creating the Life You Want

Research shows that, had you revealed some of the content in this book during the times of the ancient Mystery Schools, you would have been executed – painfully.

Match that up with the latest in quantum science and personal empowerment research, and you have a formula that will exponentially liberate and accelerate personal and professional potential.

The power core of Personal and Professional Transformation is situated in a five-step formula called Primary Domino Thinking, which was also part of the famous 5 Minute System that worked to bring positive changes to literally thousands of Dr. DJ's clients and students.

The strategy that has worked for many to change their lives positively is to: 1) Read the book; 2) Apply what is inside; and then,  3) Watch what happens!

Thousands have utilized this formula to lighten, enlighten, and transform their lives – achieving the goals they have desired. What things have “transformed” for faithful users of this formula:

  • Weight loss
  • Cessation of smoking
  • Lowering of golf scores
  • Improving academic performance 
  • Finally solving problems of a personal nature
  • Improving relationships
  • Career changes
  • Health improvement

and many, many more…

Yes, you also can!


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This book is high-powered information that truly changes lives. Nothing like it anywhere.”                                                               –Phil Laut

Revolutionary!” –Jack Canfield

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