No one can tell you how to get to the top of the Success Heap better than Dr. DJ!”                                                                                                                                   –Phil Laut, MONEY IS MY FRIEND

  • How do you bring that business idea of yours into reality?
  • How do you find that cash flow you need to move your business in the direction of the Fortune 500 list?
  • What tools do you need in your personal/professional toolbox to succeed?
  • How can you inspire others to follow your lead and join you in making your business idea a reality?

Ideas are everywhere…many great ideas even.

But most shrivel and die because the owner of the idea is clueless on how to manifest that idea into a tangible, successful business.

The reason?

The right kind of DRIVE. To get anywhere you need a vehicle and a driver.

Ooops…not so fast! It is not just any driver…it is you!

So, how do you go from a wonderful idea to a completed and profitable project? Answer: With the right kind of mindset!

And that is why this book exists for you…to take you to the top.

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