Investing in Cryptocurrency for FREE

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crypto currency investing
Cryptocurrency investing for free?

It is finally here. Creeping into our average lives…something that seemed reserved for digital geeks and genius financiers and futuristic financial finagling. Seemed way too complicated for us ordinary folks. 

Certainly for us older folks!

Not any longer. Crypto currency investing is now for anyone over 18. On up to 108. It is no longer undecipherable. There is even prime-time advertising about getting into the cryptocurrency market.
Like anything new all kinds of flimflam artists are coming out of the floorboards. One wants $997 to start AND $49.95 a month. EVERY month. And they promise huge amounts of money every day.

Don't walk…run away.

How about one you can try for FREE? We recommend you look at: https://fullvelocity.trade/DrDJ

And guess what? It is an autotrader, meaning it does the trading for you! Average income over the last year? 2.45% per week. What interest does your bank pay you on your savings account? 1% a year. Your CD? 5% a year?

The 21st Century investing is here. And YOU control your money. No one can touch it but you. And you can withdraw it in a heartbeat!


To further explain, here is a note I sent to my sister about this…

Dear Sis:

You asked about cryptocurrency investing.
You wanted a simple explanation.
Obviously, you are wondering if you should be involved in it?
The answer to your question is yes, of course.
It is the future that is now and growing like rabbits.
BUT: Like any investment you can win or lose.

And there are charlatans promising huge rewards if you just give them your money.

[Let me save you a lot of time on that one. Anyone promising more than 1% a day is a scammer. Anyone promising you a guaranteed amount of money is a scammer. Anyone who runs a big long seminar to convince you how to get rich quick is a scammer. When in doubt, ask us as we love to bust scams! We also have a long checklist we give away to people to stop them from losing their money. Just ask for it.]

Now, onto cryptocurrency investing: There are MANY ways to invest in crypto. I will include a picture of one way to trade: Manually.
It looks complex. It is complex.

But, within this structure, we select certain cryptocurrencies then choose between 12 different AI bots to do the trading for us. Basically, it just does all the buying and selling automatically according to your preferred settings.

There are currencies you can invest in and let them just sit and earn interest. It is called staking. There is one fund that you just stick your money in and it makes 19% interest a year. However, getting your money into it is complex.

The easiest and safest one we recommend is Full Velocity. It safely creates (on average) 1.77% interest per week.* You just put your money in and the bot does all the work. You get earnings daily and can take them out, or compound them. Most compound.

The nice thing about this company is YOU control your money and can take it out anytime. No one has control of your money but YOU.
And contrary to most programs, which can charge you $1000 to get in and a monthly fee of $50, Full Velocity is free. They make no money until you do.
How can a company afford that? Simple, it takes 30% of your earnings. More on that down the page.
So, actually when we said 1.77%? That is AFTER the 30% has come out. On average the bot is making 2.45% per week. (70% of 2.45% is 1.77%.)

Now, what happens to the 30%? Well, the company only keeps 10% of that, so, in actuality, 3% of each positive transaction. The other 27% goes into the commission program. The whole company is based on a referral system. You cannot get in without a referral. Same with anyone you want to share it with.

What happens in the referral system? Anyone you bring in with your referral link the system will pay you 25% of all profits they make. If you refer 10 people, then you will get 25% of each one’s profits. Anyone they bring in will get you 10%….and so on down 20 levels.

So, not only are you making 1.77% per week (no guarantees but that is what has been going on for months) on any money you invest, but you are getting referral commissions on top of that. Which you can take out or reinvest.

IF you are interested in Full Velocity, the easiest to understand and use…here is a link to a video by the CEO, James. https://fullvelocity.trade/DrDJ

That is as simple as I can make this. It beats letting money just sit in an account or under the mattress.

*Banks are quite unfair to us all. For example, if you open a savings account with $1000, at the end of the year you get $1000.10 – unless it is a “high yield account” where you will get $1000.50. Seriously? Meanwhile they are loaning out your money dozens of times and charging a LOT more than 1%.

In this system, if you invested $1000, you should get $1920.40. [AGAIN, there are no guarantees, but this is what we have been averaging for the last 6 months.]

I hope this makes sense, if not just ask! The video should help also.


Love you, Sis. Say hi to family!

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