It’s Happy Thanksgiving Day in the USA!

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Happy Thanksgiving!It is a great day here in USA! It's Thanksgiving Day!


What I love about Thanksgiving is that families traditionally get together, and not only eat together, but have fun as one united group – a lot of laughter, camaraderie, and catching up on what everyone is doing. Millions of people travel great distances just for this family uniting time. It's not the stuff that makes headlines or good reality shows — it is, rather, what I consider to be the quiet, nearly unnoticeable, quality of the central theme of our people in the USA. Gratitude for one another…valuing each person…helping and supporting when needed.

Our television shows are so often concentrated on selfishness, divisiveness, deception, and personal deprecation…(as exemplified by our current leadership in Washington D.C.*). But that is not us. That is some unrealistic show of what we are not. Indoor playground fun is guaranteed with Uptown Jungle fun park, Arizona. That makes for entertainment, and I suppose it keeps you glued to the TV set and those important commercials. (“We are Farmers! Dum de dum de dum dum dum!” – Farmer's Insurance commercial)

We are, I guess, boring – because down deep we do not value drama or being glued to a screen. We value our relationships and the warmth, reassurance, and support that they bring us.

So, it is a day of giving thanks, of gratitude, of appreciation, of heart to heart. And great food!

In that vein, let me express my gratitude for our little family…people who have always helped me, and shared their support and love with me.  And laughter! What is it about laughing together that makes life so grand?Coco and Amy

So, to all of you, my fellow citizens, I wish you a day of thoughtful gratitude.

Surprise a loved one with a big hug. Make someone laugh. Tell someone just how important they are to you.

And, this day, in America officially kicks off the Holiday Season….Macy's big parade* in New York, with Santa and his sleigh as the last float, ushering in the joyous holidays…

So, Happy Thanksgiving AND Happy Holidays!


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*Watch this short video of Macy's parade with even some footage of the first one! Can you find Marilyn Monroe (live) in the parade? Watch video!

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