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by Doctor Zest

Exists to alleviate chronic pain

[All profits go to one of our 8 charities…]

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REMEMBER: This is pure CBD oil with NO THC.
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Doctor Zest's Pure CBD Products (No hype. Just the best prices on the Internet!)

Welcome! Pretty sure you will thank the day you stopped here. Our whole family uses this for pain relief, restless leg, mood, sleeping better. But mostly for pain relief. See stories later…


Doctor Zest's CBD oil is made with 99% pure CBD isolate hemp powder (derived from certified industrialized hemp) in combination with MCT oil.

For the oil tinctures, MCT oil is the “carrier” and is derived from coconut oil. There is no flavor or smell of coconut. There is nothing in the bottle but CBD and MCT oil. [The water-soluble tincture is different, so see general info sheet.]


Bottles are 60ml  or 2 full oz. – (while most sell only 1oz. bottles) – enough for 62 doses. A “dose” is a full dropper. (A full squeeze of the bulb fills the dropper halfway up for that reason, i.e., 1/2 dropper AM and 1/2 dropper PM is your full daily dose.)


Our CBD is of the highest quality, is fully lab-tested for purity, and contains genuine CBD. Our prices are often half of other CBD providers. The reason? It is because we have no BIG SPECIALS!!!, 2-for-1 DEALS!!!, introductory offers, and we have no sales people we must commission. We don't mess with the hype. Just low prices. Period.


No one has a lower price: We will match ANYONE'S lab-tested 2 oz. tinctures that have the same CBD amounts, verified by lab tests. 


FDA Approval: FYI, no CBD oil has ever been FDA approved.


Results: Results can never be promised. Each person must find their own level of DZ CBD Oil. Start off with the 1250 for a few weeks, then, rather than take more than two doses a day, move up to the 2500…and still take twice a day.


Returns Policy: Doctor Zest's pure CBD oil is 100% guaranteed. Not the results you wanted? Send back:A) the unused portion in the original bottle, B) along with the original invoice, for FULL refund.


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