DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL – Motivation Lost

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Table of Contents

The Wind in Your Sails is Gone

Loss of Motivation – The Dark Night of the Soul


I have to admit it.

Whenever I set myself a new goal or challenge, there's always a point where I lose all my motivation.

Where I feel like quitting.

In fact, this is a pattern we all go through when we want to change anything in our lives.

It goes like this:

In the beginning, you're excited to get started!

Your motivation levels are as high as they can be.

Your goals are clear and you believe you can lift mountains.

From here, everything goes downhill…

As more and more difficulties come, you realize this won't be as easy as you thought it would be.

All the motivation you had at the beginning starts fading away.

Then, pessimism starts kicking in.

You start questioning yourself with questions like:

Is this truly what I wanted to do? Is it even worth it?”

Still, the little motivation you have left helps you push through.

Then, you hit a wall.

A place where, perhaps, the discomfort is so big you don't know what to do.

Where all your motivation is gone, and you just want to quit.

Where every step starts to look painful.

The wind you counted on has left your sails.

You have entered the Dark Night of the Soul.

This is the point in your journey where you hit rock bottom.

All of the sudden, the place where you started doesn't seem so bad anymore.

Your motivation drops to zero, and you see no reason to move forward.

You feel dead in the water.

RIGHT HERE is where most people quit.

This will be one of you biggest challenges on your road to success.

And it must be overcome if you want to succeed.

Question is, how?

What must we do to get through the Dark Night of the Soul and see the sunshine again?

You need to learn to generate motivation from within you.

See, motivation is the energy that keeps moving you forward.

When you get to this part of your journey, you've likely used all the motivation you had already.

THIS is the critical stage. THIS is the moment where it all hangs on one simple skill!

If you don't know how to generate motivation from within, you won't have any strength to keep moving forward.

And THAT is what successful people do to get past this period. Because the length of this period is totally up to you.

What? “No,” you say, “this darkness is being done TO me.”

Right there is the conundrum so many of us fall for!

…because if it is being done TO you, you must wait for them to remove, or stop doing, it.

But people who know how to overcome this situation are those who also know how to generate motivation on-demand without anyone’s help.

They have an unlimited supply of energy to keep moving forward.

The good news is that, if you learn this, everything starts looking up from here.

Your confidence goes up.

The anxiety you were feeling starts disappearing.

Your motivation starts recovering as you move closer to your goal.

All because you were able to pass through the Dark Night of the Soul.


If you have a business or are trying to start one and are just stuck.
If you need a guide to teach you how to create motivation on demand, I have something for you.


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