Teddy Bear Talks Help Depression

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Table of Contents

Messages to kids and adult kids' hearts


It's tough raising a kid. It's tough being a kid. Being an adult can be tough. So is depression.


Well, here we are talking about life again, but that is all there is, right? So, let's get to it.

Life is not always “tough” in terms of “rough” – but life is just one damn problem after another, isn't it?

We all get up in the morning and start right off with problems…let's see: Bathroom or make coffee? Make coffee or bathroom?

Then, Do I need a shave? Again???!!! Hmmmm, okay, I'll shave. 

Should I just use the electric razor or shall I take time to lather up and get a nice clean shave?

Let's see who am I seeing today? How should I appear for them?

Breakfast: Do I have time to fry an egg and toast a bagel or….maybe just a Pop-Tart. Naw, that isn't healthy…well what then?

And on and on it goes…

And if you have kids! You have all their problems too! “You are going to be late for school…get up!! Charlie? Charlie? Do you hear me??? Time to get up!!”

“Susie, where's your sweater? No, the red one. Honey, your socks don't match…jeez!!!

And on and on it goes…

Should I take the Slausson cutoff today…or it is still under construction? Oh, crap, I have to find an ATM and get some cash…how am I going to get to work on time NOW???

And on and on it goes…

Life: Just a Pez Dispenser of problems to be solved!

So, yeah, life it tough. Okay, a challenge? Okay, a lot of decisions? Okay, allocation of time and money and how many places can I be at once?

This could drive you nuts…

It can lead to depression, even.

IF that is the way you choose to see LIFE.

True, those decisions, problems, etc. happen. They are very real. But that is not ALL there is to life. Not. By. A. Long. Shot.

Let's use Coco as an example.

This is Coco.

Coco the Cocker Spaniel

A dog? Are you kidding? Do you know how much she costs? And the vet bills every year are in the hundreds, and the dental bills as she has teeth issues, and her food has to be ordered especially, and then there is grooming as their hair NEVER stops growing, then you have to bathe her and there is barking, and taking her outside, and what are we gonna do with her if we want to travel…and did she JUST throw up on the couch!!???

Problems or Pleasures?

But on the other hand: She makes us laugh many many times a day. And when she snuggles up to you while you watch TV – that feeling is to die for. And her antics are so danged cute! You could not duplicate this – for money or time…only Coco can do it.

The “problems” she causes are NOTHING in comparison with the gifts she brings to our family.

Do you get me?

Coco. Life.

The message is that Life (or Coco) for all the problems they bring are worth it – 1000 times over. Problems in life? So what? Problems with having a dog? So what? Look what you can get out of them?


But what if your life DOES seem just a burden? Nothing but problems? No joy?

Then, my friend, something is wrong!

And the first step is to admit that: Something. Is. Wrong.

Just like an alcoholic will never start healing until they say, “I AM an alcoholic. I need help.”

Life will not unburden itself. You cannot usually wait it out. If I just look the other way it will go away. or Things will get better if I just stop worrying.


horse hockey.

You must take action. Do something. Do anything.

Don't let it infect your family. Don't let it spread inside you either.

Admit, something is wrong. Talk to your loved ones.

If you family will not listen to you when you are hurting, find someone who will. Try Lutheran Social Services! They can re-direct you.

Talk to your minister, your priest, your best friend, anyone you trust.

And if you do not trust anyone, look online for a support group. Check out https://hive80.com/hives/ 

Or https://online.supportgroups.com/

The important thing? Don't just carry it around like a crucifix on your back…talk to someone – admit you are in over your head and need help.

You will be glad you did!

Til next time!

It is a great day to be amazing!

Dr. DJ



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